What We Does

YouCANHasDNS offers very reliable, quite redundant, fully standards-compliant nameserver service to just about anyone with a domain name. We do just the one (very important) thing, we do it (really!) quite well, and we do it for a (very low!) flat fee. We could bore you with sexy-sounding promises about speed and uptime and security, or ego-stroking platitudes about how you, personally, are the very most important person in the world to us... but we'd prefer to just skip the stuff you're going to gloss over anyway and have you try our service for yourself.

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Some highlight

If you need DNS service for more zones than are listed above ($5/year first two domains, $2.50/year every two additional domains), or need something else not covered by the website, please e-mail us and we'll be more than happy to help.

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