What We Does

YouCANHasDNS provides very fast, extremely affordable, highly reliable, and geographically dispersed unmanaged DNS service to just about anyone, anywhere.

Our dedicated nameservers are located at state-of-the-art datacenters in Seattle, Washington (nw.youcanhasdns.com), Ashburn, Virginia (ne.youcanhasdns.com), and Amsterdam, Holland (nl.youcanhasdns.com), providing extremely fast and very redundant service to most of North America, Europe, and the rest of the great big world out there. Barring truly mind-boggling catastrophe or attack, your DNS with us should always be available.

We offer completely standards-compliant service for pretty much all standard DNS record types, including full IPv6 support. (We don't support DNSSEC at this time, but probably will in the future.) Got a lot of records? Many subdomains? No problem! Need to adjust custom TTLs? No problem! With our fast and secure (protected by 256bit SSL encryption!) online control panel, you have full control. Need to add a zone? Delete a zone? No problem, you can do it yourself!

We make a concerted effort to adhere to strict RFC-compliance and industry best practices. A standard setup on our system will be fully RFC-compliant and pass all popular online DNS checks and tests, including the full European ZoneCheck tests used by some registrars. (The DNS part, anyway. We're not responsible for what you do with your e-mail.) As of August 2012, we're an approved DNS provider for Danish .DK domains, and as of February 2013, we're approved by ISNIC to host Icelandic .IS zones, too!

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If you need DNS for more zones than are listed above ($5/year first two domains, $2.50/year every two additional domains), or would like an alternate form of payment, please e-mail us and we'll be more than happy to work something out for you.

Thingz You May Wants to Knoes

To try and head off what would probably become FAQs (frequently answered questions), let's run through some basic stuff you'll want to know: We offer master + slave hosting between three servers. If you know what you're doing and have a really compelling reason for doing so, we can delegate to additional slaves of yours, if they accept BIND AXFRs. (If you just want slave-only service, see Redpin.) We don't support anycast or any sort of geo-DNS, and you can't fake it by having differing records for the same zone on each of our servers, sorry. We don't support dynamic DNS. We place no limit on the number of queries your zones can receive. We perform regular backups and have a robust recovery plan in place, including "hot spare" servers. Because the IP addresses of our nameservers are subject to change at any time without notice, we don't support vanity nameservers, i.e. to make use of our service you'll have to set your nameservers to nX.youcanhasdns.com. We don't offer trials or refunds. We don't offer coddling, hand-holding, or management; we trust and assume that you know at least a little bit about DNS. (Sure, you can do your own DNS. We can do it better, and cheaper; everybody wins.) Our prices are comparatively low because we're unmanaged, have fairly low overhead, and sincerely hope to benefit from an economy of scale.

Well, what are you waiting for, already? Read the terms and stuff, and click on the appropriate button up above to begin hosting your DNS with us. GOES! GOES NAO!