Why and What We Does

YouCANHasDNS exists solely to help solve one of the gravest and most terrible threats the Internet has ever known—the utter failure of most webhosting providers to offer even the weakest excuse for properly-implemented DNS.

We could bore you to tears with all the tedious and unexciting technical details, but it all basically comes down to this: you may not realize it, but you really, really need, want, and deserve both fast and redundant DNS. You simply will not get that with the vast majority of webhosts... but you will from us.

All we do is DNS: quick, cheap, reliable, and simple. Others want to charge you monthly, on sliding scales depending on how much traffic you do; we charge you one flat rate per year. Others want to sell you (overpriced) server monitoring, secondary MXes, or other addon services; we just want to host your DNS.

Who We Is

YouCANHasDNS is a dynamic forward-thinking buzzword-rich high-tech American enterprise privately-owned and skillfully-operated by Redpin.com, who has proudly and successfully offered a rich variety of premium e-mail, web, and DNS hosting services to discerning people just like you since 2002. Unlike the unhappy excuse compete, all peoples for glory working herein top fully are English the as native speaking be, much great joy and happy the true auspicious star alignment that soon glory day. If you're still reading this, you probably fully appreciate exactly how important DNS is, so please ask yourself - just how clueful is your current host, and do they haz cats?

You CAN has (quite excellent) DNS... from a clueful, BS-free company still human enough to have a sense of humor. Srsly. I mean, would we lie to you? (Noez, BTW.)

Pls Click Below to Has Ur DNS Today, Already!

Some highlight

If you need DNS for more zones than are listed above ($5/year first two domains, $2.50/year every two additional domains), would like an alternate form of payment (we also accept business cheques in USD and can take credit cards outside of PayPal, should you prefer that), have any questions not covered by our website or our terms of service and stuff, please feel free to e-mail us (service /at/ you can guess the rest) and we'll be more than happy to help.

For really really really urgent stuff—abuse or legal demands, et cetera—your best bet is to contact Redpin directly.